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Adult entertainment permit

As a licensee or permit holder, you must apply for an adult entertainment permit (AEP) if you wish to conduct sexually explicit entertainment.

Permits can be issued for one-off occasions, or for an ongoing period of three (3) years. You may make up to six one-off applications per year, otherwise, a three-year permit is required. An adult entertainment permit cannot be renewed or transferred.

Do I need a permit?

Not all activities that might be considered 'adult entertainment' need to be conducted under a permit. However, if the genitalia of any performer or staff member will be visible, either deliberately or by accident, during the provision of entertainment or other activities at your venue, then you do need a permit.

New 'approved controller ' approval process

Legislative amendments commencing 1 July 2014 have introduced a new approval process for controllers who supervise the conduct of adult entertainment. These changes to the legislation mean that the applicant for an ‘approved controller’ approval will be the individual not the holder of the adult entertainment permit. 

If the applicant is determined to be suitable, the individual will be issued with a five year approval as an ‘approved controller’ and is able to be employed at any premises approved to conduct adult entertainment in Queensland. The new controller’s approval is not restricted to a particular venue.

As part of the new legislation, any person who is currently nominated as a controller on a current adult entertainment permit on 1 July 2014, will be automatically deemed an ‘approved controller’ and will be issued with a five year approval and identification card.

How to apply for an adult entertainment permit

Your application should include:

The average processing time is at least three months, regardless of whether the application is for a one-off or a three-year permit.

Management plan

Your application for an adult entertainment permit must be accompanied by a management plan. The management plan must include:

Compliance officers will inspect every venue subject to an application to verify details of the management plan.

Processing your application

Investigations will be undertaken into the criminal histories of all parties involved in the application including the applicant, controllers and associates. Consideration will be given to the previous conduct of the applicant in the business.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) will conduct checks through the Prostitution Licensing Authority to ensure that no links exist between approved brothels and venues to which an adult entertainment permit relates. OLGR will also consult with the police and local authority.

Compliance officers will inspect every venue subject to an application, ensuring that the area:


You must advertise the initial application, notifying the public of your application and the grounds for objection. You may also need to advertise subsequent permits and applications for one-off permits.

Protection of minors

Regardless of the circumstances, the provisions of section 155AA of the Liquor Act 1992 state that minors must not be in an approved area when adult entertainment is being provided. This means that a minor can not be in an approved area in the capacity of a performer of adult entertainment or as an employee in any capacity. These restrictions are imposed to prevent minors being exposed to or getting involved in adult entertainment activities.



Last reviewed 27 June 2014